Top 20 Best Airsoft Helmets 2024 & Comprehensive Buying Guides

Having fun but ensuring safety is always a concern for many people. Especially for adventurous games like Airsoft. Ever wonder if you need a helmet when playing airsoft? If yes, do you know how to choose the best airsoft helmets among so many options on the market?

In the article below, we will introduce you to a list of the best airsoft helmets. We believe that this is a product that has been carefully selected based on many positive customer reviews, durability, and accessories and will definitely make your airsoft experience easy and safe. more complete.

Best Airsoft Helmets Comparison 2024

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Top 20 Best Airsoft Helmets Reviews 2024

ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet ABS for Airsoft Paintball

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ATAIRSOFT is one of the best makers of airsoft helmets. Because this item is made of high-quality ABS, this helmet is highly durable. As soon as you put the helmet on and enter the area, you’ll be able to tell how challenging it is. Also, this helmet is light, and you won’t notice it until you’ve put it on. It is simple to utilize for an extended period of time. The inside width of the helmet is 17 cm. 

Additionally, Any of your favorite airsoft accessories can be easily attached. Torches, lasers, flashlights, and other items can be found on the side railings. It’s a built-in NVG bracket. This tool also works well with most GoPro NVG mounts. It’s available in five different styles, so pick one that appeals to you. This is well-known as one of the most popular helmets on the market.


  • Well-balanced and stylish design
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Adjustable head/chin band
  • Convenient side rails for accessories


  • No NVG mount included
  • Only popular with small head sizes

LOOGU Fast BJ Base Jump Military Helmet

[amazon box=”B01G6O2M72″ ]

As you know, Loogu is a manufacturer of military-grade equipment such as tactical helmets, traps, nets and other items for the military, hunting, and other purposes. Anyone with a head size of 22.4 to 23.5 inches will fit into the fast BJ Base Jump Military helmet. It’s an elegant dial-adjustable ring with removable leather pads that wrap around its own construction. It’s a twelve-in-one helmet that may be used for a variety of tasks.

What’s more impressive about this item? At an unusually gentle helmet, dropping within the range of one pound. It has ventilation holes and movable pads that may be customized for multiple-impact depending on the needs of the customer. The light makes it much easier to remember and does not put undue strain on the body, which is especially important during battle. It’s the perfect helmet for airsoft games and training. Moreover, Installing a camera, lights, and other accessories on the helmet is straightforward. You may see it blossoming in other domains, such as paintball, in addition to airsoft. You are allowed to play without having to constantly adjust or stay on your helmet while operating.


  • Good for many purposes
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Conventional and convenient equipment


  • Not well protect
  • Composing of plastics

OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet with NVG Mount and Side Rail

[amazon box=”B01299SWKE” ]

This product offers a lot of amazing features. Its non-frosted appearance will make you fall in love with it at first glance. There are seven pieces of interior sponge padding, which helps to make the product more pleasant to wear. For the optimum fit, it also contains adjustable suspender straps and neck cushions. This tactical head protects item’s side rails make it simple to mount your flashlight or night vision equipment, as well as other gear, for maximum convenience.

Besides, suspender straps that are entirely adjustable are also included. You may adjust them to four different positions to get a fit that works for practically everyone.


  • Adjustable sponge padding and suspender straps
  • Good for paintball/air-soft games
  • Convenient for adding accessories


  • Not good for a real combat situation
  • Quite loose chin straps

Jadedragon PJ Tactical Helmet & Protect Ear Foldable Double Straps Half Face Mesh Goggles and Mask

[amazon box=”B078VZDP8C” ]

The Jadedragon Helmet is a great airsoft helmet with face protection and goggles. This nicely designed equipment of tactical clothing weighs slightly and comes in eight tactical airsoft tints and colors. What’s more? It completely conceals your face! The helmet, which is made of strong polymer, is capable of absorbing moderate shocks. Besides, the band can be adjustable that helps for customizing the fit while also providing outstanding comfort. It includes a breathable mask for your face. The goggles also can cover the area around your eyes.

This product is ventilated completely, and you may wear it for lengthy periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. The side rails and the versatile velcro, which allow for the attachment of additional devices, round off the features.


  • Diversified designs and colors
  • Well-ventilated
  • Completely cover your face


  • Not good foam inserts

Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet

[amazon box=”B00HYB3852″ ]

This helmet is ideal for airsoft players who desire the look and feel of a real helmet at a low price. This item is fit for your head with lightweight. However, if mounting a heavy system, the NVG plate maybe a touch fragile. It has a lot of outstanding features for a tactical helmet in this price range. 

In addition, the front mount also allows you to attach a small torch or a GoPro camera to record your biking adventures. Despite the fact that this is not a ballistic helmet, it may effectively protect your head from bushes, rocks, and other hazards.

The RTV has all the bells and whistles you’d expect, such as genuine styling, adjustability, and accessory rail connectors, but the key difference between this airsoft helmet and the real thing is that this airsoft-only helmet is affordable.


  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Adjustable sponge padding
  • Balanced design 


  • No visor
  • Not many sizes to choose

Simways Cosplay Airsoft Full Face Head Helmet

[amazon box=”B07H1GH9MK” ]

The next item on our list is Simways Cosplay Airsoft Full Face Head Helmet. This beautiful helmet comes with a visor that can be simply lifted with simple spring action, making it look straight out of the Star Wars universe. Furthermore, even though your face is completely covered, you can see perfectly through the lens while keeping it safe. The helmet even comes with a protective coating on both sides of the adjustable clear-visor glass, which can be peeled off before use. Not only that, but it’s also anti-fog! The rest of the helmet is stunning.

What’s else, this helmet has a metal mesh check design for ventilation, in addition to a rail side. The fully adjustable chin and head straps round off the features, allowing for comprehensive fit personalization.


  • Easy-installed and anti-fog visor
  • NVG mounting base
  • Adjustable chin/head straps


  • None

LEJUNJIE Tactical MICH 2000 Fast Helmet

[amazon box=”B086LKT6JG” ]

You will find an airsoft helmet that comes from LEJUNJIE brand – Tactical MICH 2000 Fast Helmet in three colors – tan, green, and black. This helmet is one of the most cost-effective purchases on this list. This helmet has a lot going for it, starting with the fact that it comes with a visor that effectively protects your entire face. All you have to do is slide the goggles up or down to one of the various locations available and secure them to your liking. Furthermore, the riot mask is simple to put on and take off. An accessory rail linker and an NVG bracket are included with the helmet, allowing you to attach anything from tactical spotlights to action cams.

More surprisingly, this helmet also comes with a neck/chin pad, and a strap that can be adjusted to your liking. Self-adjusting helmet pads wick away moisture and keep your head cool and dry.


  • The robust visor
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Lots of adjustable elements


  • Not many common sizes

Lancer FAST Helmet PJ Type with Google

[amazon box=”B00IWDU8D6″ ]

This is also another good choice for the best airsoft helmets with visors. This airsoft helmet is based on the American military’s helmet. The first thing that impresses us about this product is probably the goggles with transparent lenses. Thanks to this lens, not only will your field of vision be expanded in the airsoft playground, but your eyes will also be protected from paint, dust, debris, and water. Next, with the ventilation design, your head will stay dry and cool, while you can feer extra comfort by the multi-layer. What’s more, the rails inside this airsoft helmet are great for attaching accessories like flashlights or lasers. You may even find enough space for customized patches to your taste and liking. This is really a lightweight airsoft helmet worth buying.


  • Clear and clean lens
  • Lightweight and durable 


  • None

Airsoft Tactical MICH 2000 Military Paintball Army Combat Helmet

[amazon box=”B07QHQQB13″ ]

This is known as the best airsoft helmet coming along with goggles. When you’re not playing airsoft or do not need your gear, the airsoft helmet is lightweight and has a clear shield. And besides, when it’s down, your faces are shielded from the power of BB pellets if they strike you in the head. Also, this item has side rails that may be used to hold a variety of accessories. 

Furthermore, the Velcro component is ideal for securing patches or materials needed while playing. The helmet weighs under a pound and has a chin strap that is adjustable for a custom fit. The item is dark green and black, which are both common airsoft colors. Overall, this product is a fantastic investment.


  • Classic airsoft with paintball colors
  • Chinstrap that can be adjusted
  • Goggles that are clear
  • Extra accessories can be attached with the help of velcro and side rails


  • Flimsy visor mount points

iMeshbean PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet

[amazon box=”B01J3GLNB6″ ]

For good measure, the iMeshbean PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet is one of the most famous airsoft helmets with a visor. The crystal-clear visor of this helmet allows you to observe clearly while also protecting the eyes and around areas from any inadvertent pellets. The ridged form of the stunning and lightweight helmet is complimented by velcro panels, replaceable padding. The long-lasting and sturdy helmet is adaptable, thanks to the adjustable chin/neck bands and Velcro-adjustable inside cushioning.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Perfect visor
  • Adjustable straps


  • Quite skewed size 

Airsoft MICH 2000 ACH Tactical Helmet

[amazon box=”B07X5HR669″ ]

The Airsoft MICH 2000 ACH Helmet, which has a clean and clear visor is another outstanding airsoft helmet with the ability to provide much needed protection. The face shield can be paired up nicely alongside goggles for those who enjoy a tactical play or simply want more visibility during their game time on the field. This lightweight tool also weighs less than many other options so you won’t have any trouble wearing it around all day long!

Furthermore, the adjustable chin/head straps are comfortable and allow for a custom fit. The pieces of sponge cushioning inside round out this incredible product to make it feel incredibly pleasant while wearing!


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • The clean and clear visor


  • A quite bulky appearance

Lightweight MICH 2000 Quick-Protection Helmet

[amazon box=”B0814FVFX5″ ]

This is a design for an airsoft helmet with a face shield for your reference. The helmet is equipped with a protective adjustable visor in a variety of settings to suit your preferences. Furthermore, below the face protection, you can use additional prescription glasses and airsoft goggles. If that wasn’t enough, the face shields help you from BB pellets moving at 140 meters per second. Also, this helmet includes a side rail and an NVG bracket to mounting additional gadgets, in addition to easily installing and removing the visor.

Additionally, there are chin/neck pads, slings, and seven adjustable pads on the interior. It’s everything you’ll need to obtain a bespoke fit. Finally, this helmet allows you to wear glasses underneath it.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Spaces for installed accessories


  • Not fit for big heads

JFFCESTORE MH Updated Version Fast Tactical Helmet

[amazon box=”B07D9LWQVB” ]

The JFFCESTORE MH Updated Version Fast Tactical Helmet is an all-around airsoft helmet with goggles and face protection. The helmet is made of ABS plastic and has a polycarbonate lens that helps you to see better during a high-intensity airsoft game. It also shields you from stray pellets and debris that can fly around during a game. It also has a face shield made of 1000D nylon and low-carbon metal mesh that protects the lower half of your face. A rear dial knob on the completely adjustable helmet allows you to rapidly alter the fit. Many loops and hook panels may be found on the back, sides, and top, allowing you to add patches.

Furthermore, the adjustable straps offer a solid fit and even more relaxation. The best part is that this helmet comes in a variety of camo shades, making it easier to blend in on the field.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Clean and clear lens
  • Completely adjustable


  • Not allowed wearing over prescription glasses

H World Shopping Tactical Protective Helmet Full Face Mask Goggles G4 System Airsoft Paintball

[amazon box=”B01M68NPM5″ ]

This should be a consideration if you are finding the best airsoft helmets with a face shield. Despite its small weight, this item with a hardshell will keep you safe from the various types that fly around when playing games. This helmet includes a pair of tactical goggles together with a mask to cover your eyes. Furthermore, the helmet offers attachment points for headphones, strobe lights, flashlights and cameras among other things. No matter what size or shape your head is, the dial mechanism makes finding a tailored fit a breeze.

In addition, it can also be utilized separately based on the G4 face system’s fast included feature. This product, coming with goggles and masks, is made of flexible ABS plastic and provides robustness to protect your head and face.


  • Attractive four colors available
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Impressive dial adjustment system


  • Anti-scratch lens

Jadedragon MICH 2000 Style ACH Helmet with Protect ear Foldable Double straps Half Face Mesh Mask & Goggle

[amazon box=”B07CTDLNM4″ ]

If you enjoy playing on the airsoft game, the Jadedragon MICH 2000 Style ACH Helmet is a must-have. This great airsoft helmet includes a pair of goggles, a face-shied, and a visor. The helmet’s rest is stunning as well. It has rails on sides with adjustable mounts for and other pieces of equipment, for example. It has adjustable sponge padding on the inside that keeps your head dry and wicks moisture. Furthermore, this lightweight item features completely suspender helmet straps that can be adjustable as well as neck/chin pads for a perfect fit.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable and fit 


  • Not available for oversized heads

OneTigris Integrated Tactical PJ Helmet

[amazon box=”B074M4827B” ]

Get the best airsoft helmet for all your needs with OneTigris Integrated Tactical PJ Helmet. This amazing, one-piece tactical pj includes a face mask as well as crystal clear goggles that are anti fog treatment ensure there is no distortion when you’re out in war or on an adventure! The rest of it can be easily taken off so whether want to wear eye protection only then put them away again without touching any other part–they’ll still stay attached securely thanks to adjustable rails located at each temple tip allowing customization depending what kind accessories may interest most people who choose this awesome product line up toda


  • Completely face protect
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Well-ventilated


  • Pricey

Multicam Helmet Cover Airsoft Helmet Without Helmet for FAST PJ Helmet

[amazon box=”B07BJGVPJ8″ ]

If you like the best airsoft helmets in classical styles, this is a good choice for you – Multicam Helmet Cover Airsoft Helmet. Even though the helmet is in a classical design and camouflage in the field, it’s a simple structure that helps you easily remove your helmet without taking off the NVG. The Multicam helmet is famous for its high quality and durability of Cordura nylon material. 

The most impressive thing is the control panel in the center ring of the product. Besides, the hook-and-loop system is upgraded with cross-bungee cords that bring more conveniences for the users.


  • Simple and comfortable to use
  • Upgraded MOLLE system
  • Durable material


  • None

WLXW FAST Airsoft Tactical Helmet and Folding Steel Mesh Half Mask+Safety Goggles

[amazon box=”B08HD1NPQW” ]

With the mainline made of ABS plastic, the mask made of a foldable metal mesh and the frame of the helmet made of elastomer, this product is truly an investment for everyone. your airsoft game. In addition, the helmet includes multiple Velcro panels along the top, sides and back of the helmet. It also comes with a convenient side rail/glass strap clip and NVG shield and many other very useful attachments.

Furthermore, you can add as many stickers as you like. Such as life lights, spirit patches, blood group stickers, personal armbands, signal lights. And especially, you can be assured of a strong impact with this hat. The product’s impact resistance is said to be at least 800 FPS, and the air shield can be slightly bent to fit your face better.


  • Lots of included accessories
  • Multiple velcro panels 
  • Adjustable folding mesh cover 


  • None

OneTigris Airsoft Helmet, Paintball Helmet MICH 2001 Action Version Tactical Helmet

[amazon box=”B012CHXGV8″ ]

This item is high-rated as a perfect helmet for outdoor airsoft paintballs because of its many features. With an adjustable chin/neckband, you can completely custom to fit your head size. In terms of weight, this helmet is about 660gram and made from engineering ABS plastic – a relatively lightweight for an airsoft helmet.

About the other elements and accessories, you can find this OneTigris helmet together with survival lights, mounting flashlights, signal recognition lights and headset holders that are on the helmet’s rails. More perfectly, this item also is integrated with various panels and night vision goggles that permit you to adjust your helmet with patches.


  • Lightweight and easily-customized
  • Adjustable chin band
  • Good for outdoor airsoft game


  • None

Koiry Military Tactical Helmet

[amazon box=”B07Q5D9FYL” ]

The last one on our list is a solution if you are finding the best airsoft helmet that is lightweight and easy to carry around. Koiry helmets are produced in four solid colors for your choice. The main ingredient to the structure is durable abs plastics. This helmet contains fully adjustable straps at 4 locations. This is reason to make it can fit any customers. Besides, it is also attached with 2 side-mounted rails for different pieces of accessories. In case you have to climb the mountain at night, maybe you don’t need to be a worry about this tool on your head.

Moreover, the pads and straps of this airsoft helmet are comfortable and fully adjustable and secure the helmet well. Not only is this head protector item good for airsoft gamers, but also it works great for mountain and outdoor activities. Especially, the perfect item is set at a reasonable price for who those have a limited budget.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Diversified colors
  • Comfortable for users


  • No ventilation

Completed Buying Guide For Best Airsoft Helmets

Best Airsoft Helmets

It can be deniable that wearing an airsoft helmet isn’t just about enhancing your personal taste. There is a good reason to wear a helmet. Yes, it will look good. But the protective factor is really important. However, we must also admit that the price of airsoft helmets is not low. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before deciding which type of helmet to buy. You have to think about the size, fit, fastening and overall look of the helmet.

With that in mind, there are a number of features you’ll want to consider and pay special attention to when choosing the best airsoft helmets.

  1. Type of Airsoft Helmet

Four of the most common types of airsoft helmets found today are the Fast BJ helmet, the marine helmet, the Fast PJ helmet, and the collision helmet. The Fast BJ helmet has diamond-shaped vents and provides excellent ventilation. Marine helmets are the most basic and are some of the airiest helmets that do not fit perfectly in the airsoft. Fast PJ helmets have ventilation holes and are most commonly used with visors. Finally, we have crash helmets that protect you from sudden drops and bumps.

One such extension of the helmet is the face shape. Usually, these helmets have a closed style or an open style. If you choose the open-face style, you will need the best goggles or AntiFog Airsoft glasses to protect your face. And of course, the closure style eliminates the use of goggles or face shields.

  1. Budget

The first and most significant factor to consider is your budget. What is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a helmet? While each has its own level of protection, the price is usually determined by the additional features.

There are the most basic, which are the most economical, and then there are the more advanced and adaptable ones, which come with a variety of additional features such as additional pockets and other accessories.

If you’re on a tight budget, basic airsoft helmets should suffice; but, if you want to utilize the helmet for other sports or purposes, it’ll likely cost you a little more.

  1. Purpose

Much of your decision will be based on one basic question: What is your goal? What are you intending to do with it in the first place? Is it more important to appear attractive or to be safe? Is it only for airsoft or do you require it for other sports?

These are crucial topics to address because not every helmet comes with all of the features you require. There are tactical helmets with built-in face masks or goggles that are designed to be worn as a single component for maximum protection.

best airsoft helmets

There are also those that come without the listed attachments but allow you to attach one. There are even some that allow for the use of earplugs. It all boils down to how you intend to employ it.

  1. Fit & Comfort

The fit and comfort of an airsoft helmet with a face shield or goggles are some of the most critical factors to consider. The helmet you select should not be so loose that it moves around your head, causing you discomfort on the field. Also, it should be snug enough to keep your head in position while not squeezing it. It should also cover at least part of the neck, as neck injuries can be debilitating. Breathability is another factor that is strongly related to fit and comfort. The fit of the helmet should allow you to breathe comfortably, and search for vents in particular.

Furthermore, the tightness of the helmet will decrease over time. Remember to keep this in mind to avoid buying an airsoft helmet that is too loose or too tight.

  1. Structural Material

Plastic and steel mesh are the two most common materials utilized to build tactical helmets. For many players, plastic is an excellent option because it provides superior protection from Airsoft bullets. It is normally light-weight, but because it does not breathe well, it must be well aired to ensure that you do not become uncomfortable.

It usually provides perfect protection, and even a BB shot smashing against it is unlikely to hit your face. Plastic is undoubtedly the way to go if you’re toying with high-powered airsoft guns.

Besides, Steel mesh provides good protection from single strikes, though it does run the danger of fragmenting when hit with a powerful airsoft gun. The shards will travel at a slower velocity after they hit the ground, so they shouldn’t inflict too much damage below. Mesh is commonly regarded to be less protective than plastic, although, for the most part, it is still a viable option.

  1. Versatility & Fastening

You’ll probably need the head to protect the product for more than just playing airsoft if you’re the adventurous, outdoor kind. It may be needed for kayaking, or even trekking, if you can fit all of the necessary attachments in it, such as flashlights and night vision goggles. You’ll need the best airsoft helmet that allows cameras to be connected to its body if you want to capture your activities. Most modern helmets include all of these compartments, although there are others that were designed solely for protection and do not include any of the extra features.

Additionally, another key factor to consider is the helmet’s fastening. Some helmets include straps with sliding fasteners that lock in place, while others come with straps with buckles. Certain airsoft helmets, on the other hand, just glide over your head with no fastening. They’re best avoided, though, because they’re not safe.

  1. Helmets Elements 
Best Airsoft Helmets

This is a factor related to some main parts of an airsoft helmet. These parts will generally have their own uses during the use of your product. So, in addition to considering the model, color, size or material of the helmet, do not forget to consider these parts. 

  • Helmet Outer Shell

The exterior shell of the helmet should be composed of a strong, lightweight material such as polycarbonate so that it can withstand the impact of pellets without weighing you down. You can buy tactical helmets for less money, however, we believe that cost of money should not be a concern when lives are on the line. We end up spending a lot of money on airsoft guns, clothing, and other accessories, but when it comes to tactical helmets, we are hesitant because they are so pricey. So, as a courtesy, we respectfully urge that you pay the excess amount and consider it a one-time investment, as it is ultimately for your protection.

  • Helmet Visor and Ventilation System

The ventilation system also should be considered. The helmet should have enough ventilation vents all around to allow you to breathe easily while also preventing you from feeling suffocated inside. Because it’s critical to have excellent eyesight in an airsoft game, the visors of helmets should be scratch and fog-resistant.

Strength, maximum comfort, fit, and affordability with the highest durability are all features of this product. This summarizes up all of the high-quality helmets we’ve looked at. There is no way you could make a bad decision after reading our assessment of the top 5 tactical helmets, which includes an in-depth buying guide.

  • Accessories Included

Certainly, you’ve always wanted to know if the airsoft helmet you chose comes with any of the accessories you need? Some of the accessories that often come with a helmet are helmet fan, foam pad inserts, helmet cover, retention straps, counterweight pouch, velcro patches, reading light,… 

  1. Other Features

t’s important that your helmet is comfortable enough that you’ll want to wear it. That is, it should be comfortable to wear, not too heavy, and not rub. It should also have a safe retention system that will keep it in place even if it is hit hard.

You’ll want to double-check that your TAC helmet is compatible with any attachments you’ll require. Choose a helmet in the color you’ll be wearing the most. If you need to change the color of the helmet, you can simply spray paint it or use a cover.

And equally important, in case you want to learn more about helmets in Airsoft and why this is such an important and necessary piece of equipment for you, click on the following link to find out more: 

Conclusion – Our Top Choice For Best Airsoft Helmets

Airsoft is a highly competitive sport that necessitates a high level of protection to avoid harm. Do your homework and get to know your own unique preferences, and you’ll be able to locate the greatest helmet for maximizing your fight safety. We also included a number of accessories and airsoft helmets to help you achieve the finest results. Every airsoft fan should put money into the helmet that is at the center of the strategy.

So, the above post covers practically the whole range of possibilities, from entry-level to high-end helmets, as well as additional options. We can’t say this is one of the greatest airsoft helmets, but we’ve done our best to discuss some of the best helmets in this section. There will always be differences of opinion, but we did our best to discover the best airsoft helmets for your reference.

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