Berg Trampoline Review 2021: Everything You Need To Know About This Well-priced Family Fun Time

Choosing the ideal trampoline may be a difficult task, with families needing to consider size, design, safety, as well as build quality & height, all while staying within your budget. Thankfully, Berg has recognized this issue and has created a custom trampoline purchase environment on their web store to help families gain a better understanding of the bouncy castles available, which this Berg trampoline review will reveal later on.

But how would Berg’s trampolines compare to their well-known rivals? Our review will go through the available options, the enjoyment for children, and also the safety & cost of this brand’s trampolines, all of which are crucial considerations for any parent searching for a backyard trampoline.

Here in this review, we will give you a deeper insight into this Berg Trampoline. Find out about this trampoline’s hidden secret now!

Things To Consider Before Buying Berg Trampoline

berg trampoline review
Berg Trampoline Review 2021: Everything You Need To Know About This Well-priced Family Fun Time 8

When you hear the words “berg trampoline”, you probably think about that crazy inflatable thing with a big pile of water on the other side. But the truth is there are many different kinds of trampolines available and each type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

In-ground trampolines, which are trampolines that are often built into the surface, are becoming incredibly common, primarily as they’re more inconspicuous and since they are secure. However, you’ll need to dig a large hole to place one in and set up sufficient drainage to keep it from rusting. 

Above-ground trampolines, such as the Berg Grand Elite 520 Trampolines, on the other hand, are simpler to create and manage, but they pose additional safety dangers and could be a blight on the ground.

Before you buy this trampoline, make sure you measure the space you’ll be using it in – and make sure it is indeed surrounded by a lawn instead of rough concrete to minimise the danger of harm if your kid falls off. Make sure there’s enough room on both sides for the toddlers to get on & off, and that it’s not too close to impediments like branches.

Berg Trampoline Overview

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The best trampoline is the BERG Grand Elite 520 rebounder. Its oval design combines the benefits of both a circular & rectangular trampoline, combining the optimal strength of the round framework with the vast leaping space of a rectangle trampoline allows trampolining not just to be entertaining but also secure!

The Elite is one-of-a-kind because of its robust protecting edge and long-term appeal. It’s extremely safe, and it’s constructed of the strongest and the best material available, ensuring that its protective edge lasts for long and is well-protected from the sun. Its Safety Net Deluxe featuring self-closing entry is extremely sturdy and safe thanks to the bent poles.

Its AirFlow jumping surface plus TwinSpring Gold springs are included with the Grand Elite. This makes for much better and greater jumps. This trampoline is easy to just walk onto and it is well hidden in your yard because it is lowered into the soil surface.

The circular design of the trampoline, along with its Airflow jumping surface & TwinSpring springs, ensures a great exercise. An included Safety Net Deluxe covering has an extra-secure self-closing entrance for optimal comfort and security. The net has strong padding well around poles as well as a robust edge material, which ensures that it will last a long time.

This trampoline’s faultless appearance is ensured by the unusual arched design at the roof of the crease. Airflow is increased by 50% on its AirFlow leaping mat. This leads to more comfortable leaping as well as higher and much more flexible leaping!

Its TwinSpring Gold springs do seem to be extra-long yet soft without diminishing the leaping surface since they are arranged at an inclination. An oval rebounder has the same strength as a circular trampoline and allows users to leap the entire length of the trampoline.

Berg Trampoline: Features And Benefits

High Customisation

berg trampoline review
Berg Trampoline Review 2021: Everything You Need To Know About This Well-priced Family Fun Time 9

While the Berg trampoline selection may well not seem to be as extensive as that of their famous competitors at first glimpse, Berg replaces a bewildering catalog of comparable models with a well-designed user experience that allows the purchaser to customize their personal trampoline.

What appears to be simply 4 trampoline possibilities at first: Elite, Favorit, Champion, and Sports, quickly expands into an infinite amount of choices, with each rebounder series configurable to meet the demands of any household and garden.

The customer has complete control over their rebounder through Berg’s innovative online trampoline configuration, which features a straightforward user experience and straightforward Fun & Quality gauges to help the buyer. Height, form, quality, & size are all options for customization.

Great In Height 

Berg offers four alternative heights throughout the height segment, ranging from a ‘Flat Ground’ rebounder to a slightly elevated ‘In Ground’ alternative, an In-Ground choice with the use of a net, as well as the most desirable lifted trampoline with cage.

You can choose from a circular, oval, and perhaps rectangle form on each design, as well as 3 quality standards, from Champion to Favorit and to the highest Elite grade such as this BERG Grand Elite 520, regardless of height.

Lastly, there are five size possibilities ranging from 200 centimetres to 430 centimetres in diameter, as well as a variety of colour selections that rise in quality. Berg has possibly the best selection in the industry, with such a wide range of options and a convenient appearance.


berg trampoline review
Berg Trampoline Review 2021: Everything You Need To Know About This Well-priced Family Fun Time 10

Berg’s trampoline construction platform has a useful Fun meter, so it’s evident that the designers are thinking about having a good time. Berg’s items provide a reassuringly secure trampolining opportunity that children will rapidly come to love, thanks to their large variety of sizes and compatibility for ground bouncy castles.

Berg trampolines, on the other hand, don’t have the whole of the exciting features that their rivals have, like an integrated basketball goal post or perhaps a designed ceiling cover that transforms their trampoline into something like a castle.

However, with such a wide selection of sizes and shapes to choose from, youngsters would have plenty of opportunities to pop up with their very own games and activities.


Berg trampolines are extremely safe due to their great construction quality and variety. Berg’s assistance and concentration on the ground as well as in-ground rebounders make it an excellent choice for children and parents concerned about leaping on an elevated platform and also the possible risks that a fall could cause.

At the very same time, of course, Berg includes a cage with all of its elevated trampolines as default, along with additional trampoline levels as something of an option. Berg’s XL enclosures are larger, taller, and sturdier, therefore it’s reasonable to conclude that security matters first to them.

Berg also offers a variety of trampoline extras to significantly improve safety while upon that jump mat, including extra safety nets, rebounder skirts to prevent children and perhaps even dogs and cats from falling beneath this same trampoline, ladders to securely get young kids on then off their trampolines, and weather wraps as well as anchor builds in order to maintain the trampoline steady and clean in even the most uninvited seasonal changes.

Nevertheless, some people may be concerned as to how Berg’s ensure quality selections affect safety. While the top grade levels get a somewhat broader trampoline, especially like this Berg Grand Elite 520, an enclosure that wraps inwards in order to protect youngsters near the trampoline’s centre, Berg’s lower quality standards still get a security cage which is increasingly significant than suitable for keeping little trampolinists safely while they jump.

berg trampoline review
Berg Trampoline Review 2021: Everything You Need To Know About This Well-priced Family Fun Time 11

Price Equal Quality

Berg’s trampoline customization tool provides you with all of the information you want to select your most suitable trampoline for the best price. This Berg Grand Elite 520, on the other hand, can sometimes be somewhat more pricey than those offered by competitors.

The cheapest circular ‘In Ground’ trampoline with no cage costs roughly a reasonable amount, whereas the most expensive lifted trampoline costs more. If you choose Berg’s Flat Ground, the price immediately rises. 

Furthermore, choosing a rectangular or oval style, and maybe even a larger radius as well as a superior quality standard, all raise pricing. You can tell that when you look at this Berg Grand Elite 520.

For households on a strict budget, this selling price tends to make this a little of a careful balance, weighing elements like size, form, and cost without straying beyond an affordable price range. However, for families seeking a typical circular, lifted trampoline, prices are comparable to those offered by all the competing trampoline manufacturers.

Check out this cool video and learn how to install your Berg trampoline in no time:

Other Similar Products

Space Zone II Evolution Springsafe

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Zupapa 14FT trampoline

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ORCC 15FT Trampoline

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Trampolining is indeed a terrific technique to promote outdoor activity and exercise while also aiding in the development of children by improving coordination, flexibility, and strength. This SpaceZone 2 is really a brand-new Plum trampoline that really has replaced their best-selling SpaceZone. Just like Berg trampoline, this most recent iteration promises a safer, yet more springy bounce. Its trampoline framework is made of steel that has been galvanized on the inside and outside for long-term rust resistance and greater strength.

The best jumping experience is provided by high-grade zinc steel springs as well as a sturdy bouncing mat. Encourage hours of vigorous outdoor activity for your entire family with this trampoline today! An innovative pack-down cage is included with this Space Zone II Trampoline with Enclosure. With this pushpin system, you can easily lay flat its enclosure rods and net. This remarkable telescopic cage design allows for simple functioning and gives any backyard a whole year-round attractive appearance.

This trampoline seems to be Springsafe because its net is sewed to the bouncing mat in order to safeguard hands away from its springs & frame components. We also recommend this rebounder since it features a Springsafe 3G cage that keeps the jumpers away from its trampoline’s springs as well as construction for greater safety!

berg trampoline review
Berg Trampoline Review 2021: Everything You Need To Know About This Well-priced Family Fun Time 12

Whether you’re searching for a well-made, simple-to-assemble, security trampoline with something like a great spring count aside from the Berg trampoline, then this Zupapa is a good choice. This same Zupapa has been modified to include a robust metal frame made of rust-resistant steel material. The sturdy frame poles, which have a 42millimeters diameter as well as a 1.5millimeters thickness, provide a great sense of consistency, sturdiness, weather resistance, as well as safety. TUV, a German firm that delivers evaluation and manufacturing certification operations, has approved Zupapa trampolines. TUV qualification ensures that every component used throughout the manufacture of the Zupapa trampoline as well as its numerous attachments has been thoroughly inspected to guarantee optimum sturdiness and reliability.

Because of its rust-resistant covering, this ORCC 15FT Trampoline will endure lengthier than many of the cheaper options. Plus, with a maximum height of 15 feet, this ORCC is considerably more robust and lengthy. This trampoline, just like Berg trampoline and unlike many of its other rivals, is very simple to assemble, and consumers are typically satisfied with the business’s customer support.

It goes with a waterproof casing, is resistant to UV damage, and thus is sturdy enough to withstand tree limbs ripped down by strong winds, which is very helpful for individuals who live in places with unpredictable weather. When you evaluate that amount to the prices of other bouncy castles, it’s apparent which option will provide you with more bouncing for a longer period of time. Whether you’re searching for plenty of rebounds, this ORCC is ideal for encouraging your kids to try different exercises or reach new heights. We highly suggest this well-constructed trampoline for a more relaxing experience!

In addition to the trampoline, can you fully experience other outdoor activities with the kids, like camping? Don’t miss the indispensable camping table and chairs with every trip.

berg trampoline review
Berg Trampoline Review 2021: Everything You Need To Know About This Well-priced Family Fun Time 13

Key Takeaways From Our Berg Trampoline Review

As you can figure out from our Berg trampoline review, whilst a rebounder from Berg could be a significant expenditure for families looking to branch out from the traditional elevated and circular backyard bouncy castle, this European company produces some of the greatest trampolines available.

In any yard, an Elite Berg trampoline is really guaranteed to thrill the youngsters, as well as many adults. A trampoline by Berg is indeed a significant investment but also is well worth it for just about any household seeking the finest in backyard trampolining. It comes with a diverse set of accessories for putting together the ideal trampoline, as well as outstanding durability and top-of-the-line safety features.

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